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Brew & Ink Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Don't give up. In every great success story, the person could give up at least once ... or several times. Why is resilience necessary? And how can we keep going? Listen to the discussion. Then listen as Steven shares Aboard the Slagtree, chapter 7 of Singularity. Listen and go to FB and vote!


Sep 11, 2019

Agents and publishers ask about a platform, but what is borrowed platform? Listen to the discussion between our hosts about networking and how to use connections and support to increase our platform numbers. Then author MB Mooney shares The Pirates, the next part of our Singularity story. Listen and vote for...

Sep 4, 2019

Amish Vampires! Check out this great interview with Author Kerry Neitz about how he got into writing Sci Fi and the importance of resiliency in a writing career. Oh, and how to deal with Amish Vampires in Space.