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Brew & Ink Podcast

Aug 28, 2020

Break into song! The ground-breaking Hamilton has taken the world by storm, and with its amazing popularity, the Brew & Ink crew go through their favorite musicals, what makes a great musical, and maybe they break into song themselves. Then Katie brings us Trouble, chapter 5 of our season, Hero is a Four Letter Word....

Aug 14, 2020

The classic Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar, the Last Airbender, is now available on Netflix. Our Brew & Ink Crew gives nostalgic thoughts, writing insights, and reactions from a teen seeing it for the first time (special guest Micah Mooney). We go through season 1 episode by episode. Check it out!

Aug 6, 2020

Life hacks! We all love them, but what are some artist/creative hacks? Some might call them tips, but our Brew & Ink crew take a few minutes and give their best creative hacks to keep moving and going on those projects we love. Then Steven brings us Blackclaw, Chapter 4 of Hero is a Four Letter Word. Listen and vote...